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ILIAS in Practice

Information, scenarios, guidelines, screencasts and best practice


In this category we are collecting and presenting documents and information about how to use ILIAS in practice. We have a Good Practice Wiki with several hints and and a lot of information. Specific subjects are ordered in sub-categories below. And if you have interesting documents you want to share with others, please contact the system administration to add them to this page.

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Einsatz von ILIAS in Aus- und Weiterbildung, Szenarien, didaktische Kurztipps, Blogs, Anleitungen
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Customizing ILIAS Design
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Templates for easy implementing didactic scenarios
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Kurze Vorstellung der wichtigsten neuen Features von ILIAS 5.1.
pdf   1.5 MB   17. Mar 2016, 12:04  
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Die Module erklären den Einsatz von ILIAS 4.4. Viele Informationen sind aber für Benutzer von ILIAS 5.x weiterhin gültig und hilfreich!