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The latest ILIAS version introduces the study programme object, a revised and powerful Who-is-online? feature and several extended features. Try out the demo or have a look at the following pages to know more about ILIAS 5.1:
List of features | Download and release information | Who paid what in 5.1 | Online Documentation
Have a look in our international ILIAS blog and read about new features and how to use them, user reports and other interesting stories around ILIAS | more
Known Installations
Are you already listed in our collection of known ILIAS installations worldwide? If not, please add your system, too! | more
News & Events
ILIAS Conference 2016
Register now!
Join us at September 08 and 09, 2016 in Utrecht for the most important ILIAS event of the year. Programme and registration are online now | more
SIG E-Assessment
September 06, 2016 in Utrecht | more
26th ILIAS Development Conference
September 07, 2016 in Utrecht | more
September 28, 2016 in Zeven | more
December 01 and 02, 2016 at Universität Hohenheim | more
December 02, 2016 in Halle |  more
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ILIAS is available as open source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This guarantees you full transparency and no licence fees.
Try out ILIAS for free at our demo installation. Create your own account or use one of the pre-defined accounts.
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