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  Roadmap and Releases

4.4.2 (stable)

Release 4.4.2 has been published on 26th March 2014.
Please read the ILIAS 4.4 features report for information about major changes and new features of this version.
Information about first time installation can be found here.
ILIAS 4.4 requires PHP 5.3 or higher.
Before upgrading an ILIAS installation of version 3.9 or lower to 4.4 you will need to upgrade to 3.10 first. Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 4.3.x -> 4.4.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.
The formula question type is now integrated into the standard release. If you have been using the formula question type plugin before, please carefully read the instructions on the related wiki page.

Format: .zip
Download (
129 MB, 2014-03-26
md5: b8174c64bfe54810d1ebd9d3fed77dc9

Format: .tar.gz
Download (
122 MB, 2014-03-26
md5: 6315f338137e977f7c0fefd3f1e9a8e1
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Security Issues

Haunt IT Blog reported multiple vulnerabilities for ILIAS 4.4.1, see their blog posting.
The XSS issues have been fixed in ILIAS 4.4.2.
In contrast to the further statements regarding web shell uploads in their posting: This is not possible if ILIAS has been setup correctly. The ILIAS setup asks explicitly for a writable data directory outside of the webspace (outside of the document root of your webserver) to store files. Uploading and using web shells is only possible, if you specify a directory within your webspace here. Please do not do this.

Fixed Bugs

The following reported bugs have been resolved:
  • #0012835: [ILIAS Page Editor] multilinguality works only for users logged in, not in public area (akill)
  • #0013036: [ILIAS Learning Module : Editor] Copying advanced tables as a hole does not work (akill)
  • #0013058: [Blog] Link to public Blog » click Login » ILIAS forwards to Overview (jluetzen)
  • #0011525: [Test&Assessment] Statistik - Sortierung in Einzelfragen (mjansen)
  • #0012614: [Test&Assessment] Fatal error when trying to import test question pool (bheyser)
  • #0012859: [Test&Assessment] ilTestScoringByQuestionsGUI: Scoring is not getting saved! Found the Bug & the Solution (maxbecker)
  • #0012495: [Test&Assessment] Aufruf Fragenpool + Testmodul mit gelegentlichem fatal error (bheyser)
  • #0011655: [Test&Assessment] qpl settings call from action menu crashes (bheyser)
  • #0012597: [Test&Assessment] Fatal error in qustion pool (bheyser)
  • #0012717: [Test&Assessment] Test im LOK - Usability : Selection of rules (mjansen)
  • #0008970: [Test&Assessment] Enter Anonymous Access Code in a more prominent place (mjansen)
  • #0012650: [ILIAS Learning Module : Editor] Question in Learning Module ask about "Editing mode for additional question content" (akill)
  • #0013021: [Competence Management] Add competence category (akill)
  • #0013047: [Booking Tool] Missing Index (jluetzen)
  • #0013049: [Calendar] Missing index "last_update" (smeyer)
  • #0012538: [Test&Assessment] Formula question is poorly equipped with information text (nadia)
  • #0013053: [Calendar] Duplicate index in cal_auth_token (smeyer)
  • #0012584: [Test&Assessment] Output of Results by Question is missing (bheyser)
  • #0012882: [Mail] Cannot send "Mail to members" - in a course with a special course-title (nadia)
  • #0012486: [Test&Assessment] Fatal error when opening Settings (Test Question Pool) (bheyser)
  • #0012596: [Test&Assessment] Upload question : maximum allowed file size (mjansen)
  • #0010555: [Search] Empty layer appears when clicking into the search input field (jluetzen)
  • #0012760: [Test&Assessment] Subreiter verschwindet beim Auswählen des Reiters "Zertifikat" (maxbecker)
  • #0012707: [ECS Interface] GUI bug: Bogus ECS name (smeyer)
  • #0013041: [Glossary] Wording "Virtuelles Glossar" (akill)
  • #0013018: [Survey] Survey: 360: Kompetenz-Ergebnisse, (Wording) (akill)
  • #0013016: [Competence Management] Wording of tab "Usage" - in German (akill)
  • #0011900: [Repository (incl. categories and local user administration)] Confirmation message for creating new language page (akill)
  • #0012770: [_Other] Fullscreen title is still ILIAS 3 (akill)
  • #0012671: [Language Maintenance] -advanced_editing_tst_editing- and -advanced_editing_tst_editing_desc- (akill)
  • #0012590: [Test&Assessment] Wrong re-direct when removing a question in list view (bheyser)
  • #0013013: [Test&Assessment] Solution in List of Answer shouldn't have marks (bheyser)
  • #0010533: [Sessions (Course & Group)] Sitzungstitel zu kurz (smeyer)
  • #0006483: [Course Management] Cutting Course titles (smeyer)
  • #0013022: [ILIAS Learning Module : Presentation] Fatal Error in maphilight.js: $.browser was removed in jQuery>=1.9 (jluetzen)
  • #0012871: [Test&Assessment] T&A-adminarea: language variable -units- not found in some cases (mjansen)
  • #0013010: [Administration (excl. RBAC)] administration tab displays twice in files item admin (jluetzen)
  • #0013000: [Taxonomies] Optes+4.4.x: Duplicate HTML output breaks Javascript (was optes : taxonomy is no longer shown in question pool) (mkunkel)
  • #0013007: [Test&Assessment] Tiny MCE disappears from question editor (mkunkel)
  • #0012995: [Forums] Group-Export does not work when Group contains a Forum (mjansen)
  • #0012978: [CSS / Templates] Broken HTML on Test Objects Info Screen (akill)
  • #0012880: [Test&Assessment] optes: Wechsel von Auswahllücke zu numerischer Lücke produziert Unsinn (bheyser)
  • #0012800: [Online Help] Editing the Learning Module is very slow (akill)
  • #0012825: [Course Management] LOK Usability : Workflow Test Creation (smeyer)
  • #0012967: [ILIAS Learning Module : Editor] TinyMCE pops up in feedback editing of learning modules (akill)
  • #0012806: [Media Pools and Media Objects] Snippet media contents not exported. (akill)
  • #0012960: [RBAC] fatal: copy permissions onto another role (smeyer)
  • #0012867: [RBAC] fatal: copy permissions from one role to another (smeyer)
  • #0012836: [ILIAS Learning Module : Presentation] Feedback after answering test question is "null" (akill)
  • #0012909: [Personal Desktop] Wrong system message after deleting multiple items from PD (jluetzen)
  • #0012901: [Learning Progress / Statistics] Setting precondition with content items of a SCORM leads to fatal error (jluetzen)
  • #0012884: [_Other] Legal Notice header has fix width (akill)
  • #0012442: [Blog] Background colour of blog used for entire background (akill)
  • #0012883: [_Other] sh: 1: svnversion/var/www/ilias: not found (mjansen)
  • #0012873: [Competence Management] Competence Template Reference > blank page (akill)
  • #0012854: [SOAP / Webservices] getInstallationInfoXML returns no data (smeyer)
  • #0008750: [Course Management] Field for course title too short (smeyer)
  • #0012851: [Survey] Typo in Langvar (jluetzen)
  • #0012841: [Survey] Survey crashes after exiting preview (jluetzen)
  • #0012812: [Portfolio] optes44 :Portfolio-Vorlage: Übernahme von Kompetenzen (jluetzen)
  • #0012819: [Portfolio] optes44: Nutzerführung beim Arbeiten mit der Portfolio-Vorlage (jluetzen)
  • #0012526: [Test&Assessment] Vorlage Standard für Testeinstellungen nicht mehr verwenden (bheyser)
  • #0012807: [Repository (incl. categories and local user administration)] column separators are selectable as group in repository administration (jluetzen)
  • #0012801: [Setup and Updates] DB update fails on update from 4.3.6. to 4.4.1 (jluetzen)
  • #0012790: [Learning Progress / Statistics] Object Statistic: No Colors (jluetzen)
  • #0012791: [Exercises] Portfolio Link produces white screen error message (jluetzen)
  • #0012792: [Certificate] Matriculation in certificates (mjansen)
  • #0012782: [Chatroom] When trying to invite users for chat, no users are shown. (mjansen)
  • #0013028: [ILIAS Page Editor] Bildanzeige mit der Lupe endet mit Fehler Fatal error: Call to undefined method ilObjCategoryGUI (akill)
  • #0012743: [Survey] From-address in 360 degree survey invitations is system email address (jluetzen)


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