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  Roadmap and Releases

4.4.6 (stable)

Release 4.4.6 has been published on 22nd November 2014.
Please read the ILIAS 4.4 features report for information about major changes and new features of this version.
Information about first time installation can be found here.
ILIAS 4.4 requires PHP 5.3 or higher.
Before upgrading an ILIAS installation of version 3.9 or lower to 4.4 you will need to upgrade to 3.10 first. Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 4.3.x -> 4.4.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.

Format: .zip
Download (
129 MB, 2014-11-22
md5: f74d09f144ec958f1ad76c39402178a2

Format: .tar.gz
Download (
122 MB, 2014-11-22
md5: b435bc47b6010860137fe0dd9614f347
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Updated Languages

  • Update and completion of Hungarian language files (ilias_hu.lang and setup_hu.lang)

Known Issues

Due to Bug #15149 the configuration of vertical ordering questions does not work as expected in ILIAS 4.4.6. This bug has been fixed for the upcoming release ILIAS 4.4.7.
The following patch fixes the problem within an ILIAS 4.4.6 installation:

Fixed Bugs

The following reported bugs have been resolved:
  • #0014664: [Usability] TinyMCE allows img upload even though it is disabled in the administration (mjansen)
  • #0012090: [Course Management] Participant Export with Twitter (fwolf)
  • #0014494: [SCORM Editor] Page-editor for (feedback of) questions in SCORM-module gives error message when exporting/ in the preview (akill)
  • #0014650: [Exercises] Exercise broken after user account is deleted (jluetzen)
  • #0013363: [Files] GhostScript Renderer Test always fails when used with open_basedir set (akill)
  • #0014621: [Test&Assessment] Duplicated tst_active records for user and test (bheyser)
  • #0014646: [Test&Assessment] Frage verschieben - Textanzeige (bheyser)
  • #0014562: [Test&Assessment] If test-participiant deletes one test pass, all other completed test passes are deleted at the same time (bheyser)
  • #0014147: [Exercises] Wording: Bezeichnung bei dem Feld "Typ" (jluetzen)
  • #0014631: [Login, Auth & Registration] First try to accept terms of service fails with https (mjansen)
  • #0014627: [ECS Interface] user agreement of target ILIAS surpassed (smeyer)
  • #0014620: [Portfolio] Copying a Portfolio Template in Repository leads to an empty PF-Template (Pages missing) (jluetzen)
  • #0013141: [Calendar] subscription of course calendars (not entire personal cal) broken (smeyer)
  • #0013087: [Calendar] Export von Kurssitzungsterminen über iCal geht nicht (smeyer)
  • #0013255: [Calendar] Sessions don't appear in iCal-export (smeyer)
  • #0014586: [Survey] Sending access codes leads to fatal error (jluetzen)
  • #0013883: [_Other] db update failed (ukohnle)
  • #0014294: [Exercises] Multi feedback dissolves teams (file as team) (jluetzen)
  • #0014398: [Exercises] Multi feedback does not work at all (jluetzen)
  • #0014465: [Repository (incl. categories and local user administration)] strange sorting in repository tree (jluetzen)
  • #0014554: [Forums] Forum notification cron-job stuck an 1 hour interval, changes have not effect (mjansen)
  • #0014458: [Forums] Cron job crashes/fails to run (forum notifications) (mjansen)
  • #0014526: [Administration (excl. RBAC)] Cron job administration: Lost current table page information when performing action (jluetzen)
  • #0011347: [Online Help] Settings tab on cal/consultation_hours/ needs new tool tip id (akill)
  • #0013389: [Online Help] No specific screen id for different LP views (akill)
  • #0013463: [Online Help] Timings Tab has no screen id (akill)
  • #0013426: [Online Help] Online Help: Missing Screen IDs (akill)
  • #0013137: [Online Help] presentation mode of ILIAS Learning modules has no Screen-IDs (akill)
  • #0014268: [Online Help] Separate Screen-IDs for Types of Surveys (akill)
  • #0014309: [Online Help] Screen-ID in Umfrage > Fragenerstellung (akill)
  • #0014358: [Online Help] Screen-IDs missing in Competencemanagement (akill)
  • #0014439: [Forums] Forum notification sending not decoupled, multiple clicks not caught?! (mjansen)
  • #0014481: [Mail] The allowed attachment size is: 0 bytes (mjansen)
  • #0012180: [Test&Assessment] Exam View is not usable (maxbecker)
  • #0010230: [ECS Interface] Darstellungs- und Loginfehler juraECS (smeyer)
  • #0014411: [Booking Tool] Darstellung der Buchungen nicht in alphabetischer Reihenfolge (jluetzen)
  • #0014372: [Forums] Fatal Error when Accessing Forum Thread (nadia)
  • #0014365: [Web Feeds + RSS] [usability] activation / existence of the "private RSS feed" (jluetzen)
  • #0014357: [Bibliographic List Item] Error in Repository Trash (jluetzen)
  • #0014369: [Personal Desktop] Beschriftungsfehler / Sprachfile (jluetzen)
  • #0014332: [Exercises] Text assignments don't produce notifications (jluetzen)
  • #0012657: [Test&Assessment] Wrong language variable "Assign Suggested Solution" (bheyser)
  • #0014324: [Survey] Delete Page: Catchable fatal error (jluetzen)
  • #0011949: [Test&Assessment] Error while Import Question Pool Test (bheyser)
  • #0013658: [Test&Assessment] Matching questions won't save correct entries after correcting wrong ones (mjansen)
  • #0013938: [Test&Assessment] In Fragen eingebettete Videos funktionieren in Tests nicht. (mjansen)
  • #0012609: [Test&Assessment] Number of selected questions needs reasonable default value (bheyser)
  • #0014277: [Exercises] Team members not listed without submitting a file (jluetzen)
  • #0014218: [Payment] Rechnungsmodul setzt per Default jede Rechnung auf bezahlt nach Einkauf (nadia)
  • #0010916: [ILIAS Page Editor] Latex-Code in Fußnoten wird nicht interpretiert (akill)
  • #0014126: [Performance issues] Slow-Query/Join auf Tabelle tree - Material. Path (smeyer)
  • #0014142: [Learning Progress / Statistics] XLS Export in der Lernfortschritt - Matrixansicht exportiert nicht alle angezeigten Daten. (jluetzen)
  • #0014095: [Portfolio] Copying Portfolio Template fails (jluetzen)
  • #0014119: [Wiki] average page ratings not shown anymore (jluetzen)
  • #0013123: [Weblink] Weblink check delivers not enough information (fwolf)
  • #0011488: [Test&Assessment] Fragenerstllung im Test - Ansichten (nadia)
  • #0011464: [Test&Assessment] Fragenposition (mjansen)
  • #0011723: [Plugin Slots | !!! No Plugin bugs here => Use Project "ILIAS Plugins" !!!] Request for Change: Behaviour of ilUIHookProcessor (akill)
  • #0013717: [Test&Assessment] Importing a wrongly named leads to a white screen (maxbecker)
  • #0014137: [Test&Assessment] 'Persönliche Standardeinstellung' bei einem Test nicht anwendbar (white screen) (mjansen)
  • #0013875: [Test&Assessment] Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() (nadia)
  • #0011601: [Test&Assessment] redirecting after test finished broken (mjansen)
  • #0012878: [Test&Assessment] optes: Fehler/Wort markieren kann nicht mit allen Tastaturzeichen umgehen. (bheyser)
  • #0013725: [Test&Assessment] "&" character causes trouble in error text questions (bheyser)
  • #0013735: [Test&Assessment] LaTeX wird im "Einleitenden Text" nicht angezeigt (mjansen)
  • #0014066: [Web Feeds + RSS] Group/Course-Title is missing in RSS-Feed-Header (akill)
  • #0013669: [Test&Assessment] Question pool for tests: Filter by row (Zeilen) does not work (mjansen)
  • #0011931: [Test&Assessment] Hor. ordering question: Issue with sorting latex terms (mjansen)
  • #0013761: [Test&Assessment] Question tab > List view: "Add question to pool" proceeds even when no question selected (bheyser)
  • #0013942: [Test&Assessment] Settings > Kiosk Mode > Kiosk Mode Options: Not possible to deactivate checkboxes once active (bheyser)
  • #0014029: [Test&Assessment] Fatal error when applying stored 4.3 personal settings to a 4.4 test (bheyser)
  • #0012339: [Test&Assessment] Show More Information - Hide More Information (bheyser)
  • #0011507: [Test&Assessment] Anzahl Testdurchlauf (maxbecker)
  • #0010696: [Test&Assessment] Manual Scoring Form does not send alert on invalid points (> max) (bheyser)
  • #0014010: [Forums] Quote leads to strange doubling of "quote" (mjansen)
  • #0013489: [Test&Assessment] "Create Simple Mark Schema" does nothing at all (gvollbach)
  • #0014005: [Administration (excl. RBAC)] Cronjob for daily group and course news cannot be run multiple times per day (jluetzen)
  • #0013967: [Administration (excl. RBAC)] optes44: optional columns for registration dates missing (jluetzen)
  • #0013993: [Forums] Option for adding Re: to titles can lead to unwanted title modifications (mjansen)
  • #0014471: [Wiki] Paste from Word missing or without functionality (akill)
  • #0013703: [SCORM2004] Insufficient error handling for broken manifest files (ukohnle)
  • #0014109: [My Workspace] Searching Users in My Workspace takes a loooooong time (jluetzen)


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