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5.2.4 (stable)

Release 5.2.4 has been published on May 10, 2017
Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 4.4.x -> 5.0.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.
If you use a customized skin/style, please change the skin settings for root user and default of installation to ‘delos‘ before upgrading from a 4.x version to 5.2.x. Otherwise you may not login any more due to templates changes in former versions.
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Format: .zip
Download (github.com)
155 MB, 2017-05-10
md5: 47c84c11c9077c984746bc0eeaf05101

Format: .tar.gz
Download (github.com)
146 MB, 2017-05-10
md5: f7e308de967ff71be0d9b5f7be60eb1e

Updated Languages

  • Italian language file, updated by Constanze Moelter, OC Open Consulting srl, Ravenna

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs reported in Mantis have been resolved:
* #0020569: [Test & Assessment] wrong language in News for switching a Test online (bheyser)
* #0019815: [Language Handling] Missing labels in Exercise > Settings > Feedback: Tutorenfeedback (akill)
* #0019185: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Einstellungen bearbeiten, wenn schon Datensätze vorhanden sind (bheyser)
* #0019665: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: ECTS-Noten vergeben (mjansen)
* #0019192: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Ansicht Zuordnungs-Eigenschaften (Teilnehmerdatensätze vorhanden) (bheyser)
* #0020532: [Learning Module ILIAS : Assessment Questions] Layout broken of question added to LM from pool (bheyser)
* #0019215: [Test & Assessment] Competence points with result comparison: Changes don’t get saved after filling obligatory fields (bheyser)
* #0019050: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Kompetenz-Punkte ändern (bheyser)
* #0020549: [Plugin Slots] Signature of \ilUIHookPluginGUI::checkGotoHook not compatible with call in \ilStartUpGUI::_checkGoto (akill)
* #0020553: [Personal Desktop] ILIAS Bookmarks über Schreibtisch nicht erreichbar (akill)
* #0019955: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Test Exportdatei erstellen - undefined Database Exception (bheyser)
* #0019871: [Test & Assessment] Missing labels in Test > Create new essay question form (bheyser)
* #0020550: [Test & Assessment] Test info page shows test start and end time in non-enduser-readable format (mjansen)
* #0020235: [Setup] Database updates fail (akill)
* #0019325: [Learning Module SCORM 2004] Failed test: Kprim-Choice-Frage erstellen und beantworten (bheyser)
* #0019322: [Learning Module SCORM 2004] Failed test: Multiple-Choice-Frage erstellen und beantworten (bheyser)
* #0017536: [SCORM Online Editor] Failed test: Multiple-Choice-Frage erstellen und beantworten (bheyser)
* #0020359: [Test & Assessment] 'Select All' vanished on import question pool screen (mjansen)
* #0020513: [RBAC] Didactic templates: type "union" does not work correctly (smeyer)
* #0020434: [Export] Export of category fails (akill)
* #0019848: [Test & Assessment] Picture-Manager in the Rich-Text-Editor is in English (mjansen)
* #0020163: [Test & Assessment] Whoops: setter unsupported, use setIdentifiedMultiValues() instead! (bheyser)
* #0020307: [Test & Assessment] Creating Ordering Questions (Vertical) leads to an error (bheyser)
* #0019323: [Learning Module SCORM 2004] Failed test: Hotspot/Imagemap-Frage erstellen/bearbeiten (bheyser)
* #0015407: [Online Help] Wrong screen Ids loaded after adding first question to a test (bheyser)
* #0017540: [SCORM Online Editor] Failed test: Hotspot/Imagemap-Frage erstellen/bearbeiten (bheyser)
* #0020461: [Setup] Setup - Database Update - Step 4212: Wrong table column name and wrong argument type (bheyser)
* #0020463: [Setup] Setup - Database Update - Step 4321: Typo in database table name " tst_test_result" (bheyser)
* #0020472: [Test & Assessment] Deleting test with user data leads to error message (bheyser)
* #0017004: [Learning Module ILIAS : Assessment Questions] Ordering question (vert.) in ILIAS LM: Image preview size field not shown in picture nesting view (bheyser)
* #0020504: [Forum] Thread visible even if the posting is not approved yet (mjansen)
* #0012349: [Administration] Cron-jobs : unclear info about deletion (bheyser)
* #0012346: [Administration] Cron-jobs Check User Accounts : missing information about deadline (bheyser)
* #0020468: [Data Collection] Description of fields are no longer shown (ttruffer)
* #0020464: [ECS Interface] Course members are not (no longer) removed (smeyer)
* #0020119: [Test & Assessment] CTM-Test crashes nach Start mit Taxonomiefilter eines Fragenthemas (bheyser)
* #0018688: [Plugin Slots] Unable to copy Repository-Plugins (smeyer)
* #0020428: [Organisational Units] Error when remove users from organisational units (fschmid)
* #0020241: [Administration] Fatal error in "Administration > Repository > Repository Object Types (otruffer)
* #0020368: [Login, Auth & Registration] Self-Registered Accounts are inactive when expiration date was set in code creation (smeyer)
* #0020430: [Test & Assessment] Import of test fails (bheyser)
* #0020452: [Chat] Public Chat breaks down regularly (tjoussen)
* #0020448: [Plugin Slots] Missing argument 4 for ilPlugin::lookupIdForName() (otruffer)
* #0020317: [Test & Assessment] Error when trying to download uploaded files of a question (bheyser)
* #0020379: [Test & Assessment] Essay Question: Text "Scoring Mode" is missing (bheyser)
* #0020427: [Course Management] Course settings: Registration period no longer unlimited after update (smeyer)
* #0020420: [ILIAS Page Editor] Syntax error in Editor (smeyer)

Security Fixes

  • Security fix in Setup by Florian Kunushevci