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  Roadmap and Releases

4.4.4 (stable)

Release 4.4.4 has been published on 20th July 2014.
Please read the ILIAS 4.4 features report for information about major changes and new features of this version.
Information about first time installation can be found here.
ILIAS 4.4 requires PHP 5.3 or higher.
Before upgrading an ILIAS installation of version 3.9 or lower to 4.4 you will need to upgrade to 3.10 first. Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 4.3.x -> 4.4.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.
The formula question type is now integrated into the standard release. If you have been using the formula question type plugin before, please carefully read the instructions on the related wiki page.

Format: .zip
Download (
129 MB, 2014-07-20
md5: cc7184ffe10efde10d20332faef06fbd

Format: .tar.gz
Download (
122 MB, 2014-07-120
md5: 8bec1a115af41edfd42a6b23ed5f0703
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Updated Languages

  • Update and completion of Hungarian language files (ilias_hu.lang and setup_hu.lang)

Known Issues

1. Removing object references from system may lead to loss of LP data and settings
If you remove an object reference from the system (if trash is not active or object reference already in trash), all LP data and settings will be deleted for the object, regardless if other references still exist.
This bug has been introduced in August 2013, thus all 4.4.x versions are affected.
The zip file contains one file:
Please backup your current version of this file and copy the patch file to the corresponding directory.
- - md5sum 098789cbaec77079aa82bb9343ab727c
2. Saving Learning Module Properties
Under some circumstance save the properties of a learning module in the editor fails. This patch fixes the problem.
The zip file contains one file:
Please backup your current version of this file and copy the patch file to the corresponding directory.
- - md5sum 84654a998200e4b469e9300410a4dbf3
3. Hotspot/Imagemap Questions
Due to Bug #13200 hotspot/imagemap questions did not work properly in 4.4.2. This has been fixed for 4.4.3. All existing questions of this type in learning modules are migrated to the "Multiple Choice" mode, since this has been the behaviour in learning modules in ILIAS 4.3. Questions in pools or tests are not modified.

Fixed Bugs

The following reported bugs have been resolved:
  • #0013614: [ILIAS Page Editor] Interner Link im Formularmodus einer ILIAS-Lernmodulseite geht nicht (akill)
  • #0012417: [Usability] Action is visible but no action is available (akill)
  • #0013323: [ILIAS Learning Module : Presentation] Links in splited screen for learning modules (akill)
  • #0013344: [ILIAS Learning Module : Presentation] some ILIAS leraning modules produce fatal error when being copied (akill)
  • #0013383: [RBAC] Categories that are not visible should not be displayed in breadcrum (akill)
  • #0013607: [Taxonomies] Fragenpool: Sortierung Taxonomieknoten >10 geht nicht (akill)
  • #0013610: [Portfolio] Copying pages into other portfolio fails (jluetzen)
  • #0013609: [Media Pools and Media Objects] Pasting snippets from clipboard or copying media pools loses content (akill)
  • #0013603: [Exercises] pasting task description directly from word makes exercise act up (jluetzen)
  • #0013606: [Glossary] Copying glossaries loses page contents (akill)
  • #0013347: [SCORM Editor] Copying of pages in SCORM Editor does not copy page contents (akill)
  • #0013477: [Wiki] copying a wiki produces an empty copy (akill)
  • #0013513: [ILIAS Learning Module : Presentation] The tree view on the left of exported HTML files fails to link pages that have an HTML export ID (akill)
  • #0013547: [Online Help] Longer Screen IDs get eaten by system - Not possible to link to online help (akill)
  • #0013574: [Login, Auth & Registration] Login page Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined in Basic.js (jluetzen)
  • #0013576: [Forums] activate postings does not work for first post (topic creation) (mjansen)
  • #0013570: [Forums] forum notification settings not available / cannot be deactivated after activation (nadia)
  • #0013541: [Survey] Entry "skipped" in survey statistics export tables leads to problems in SPSS (jluetzen)
  • #0013554: [Online Help] Links in Online-Help are lost (akill)
  • #0013551: [ILIAS Learning Module : Editor] Working with two browser windows (separate sessions) results in errors (akill)
  • #0013497: [Administration (excl. RBAC)] Export of account reactivation codes doesn't separate codes (jluetzen)
  • #0013529: [Learning Progress / Statistics] Course LP does not update when SCORM module is set to determine the LP (ukohnle)
  • #0013531: [Weblink] Interne Glossarverlinkung in Weblink geht nicht mehr (jluetzen)
  • #0013486: [Language Maintenance] cron job's email doen't include stings correctly (jluetzen)
  • #0011927: [Language Maintenance] Better translation for a consistent view (mkunkel)
  • #0013428: [Forums] Problem with class.ilObjForum::updateLastAccess() (mjansen)
  • #0013488: [Mail] Missing German label in e-mail (mjansen)
  • #0013467: [Plugin Slots | !!! No Plugin bugs here => Use Project "ILIAS Plugins" !!!] repository object plugin language bug in 'Add New Item' dialog (jluetzen)
  • #0013400: [Login, Auth & Registration] Footer links in different pre-login pages don't act as expected (jluetzen)
  • #0013402: [Learning Progress / Statistics] Beim Verschieben von Ordnern gehen Lernfortschrittseinstellungen verloren (jluetzen)
  • #0013417: [Media Casts] Audio Objects should not be preloaded (akill)
  • #0013419: [Blog] Export tab does not offer HTML export (jluetzen)
  • #0013414: [Exercises] team upload: Even time is up I can remove team members (jluetzen)
  • #0013366: [Test&Assessment] Formula Question: When the answer is zero, detailed view marks correct solution as wrong (gvollbach)
  • #0013395: [Language Maintenance] authentification -> authentication 2 times (mkunkel)
  • #0012150: [Language Maintenance] Survey Tool [German]: Non-descriptive Link "Zuganggschlüssel versenden" (mkunkel)
  • #0013291: [Language Maintenance] Some language strings are misspelled (mkunkel)
  • #0013368: [Language Maintenance] English-language info message in Exercise: Multi-Feedback (mkunkel)
  • #0013380: [Exercises] Sample Solution for all users: Cron job fail (jluetzen)
  • #0013342: [Survey] "Access To Results For Appraisees - To All Appraisees" is not working (jluetzen)
  • #0013319: [Survey] Cant add more user at the same time as rater (360 survey) (jluetzen)
  • #0013346: [Login, Auth & Registration] Sometimes "timelimit" placeholders don’t work in code-based registration e-mails (jluetzen)
  • #0013361: [Mail] missing German language variable (mjansen)
  • #0013354: [Media Pools and Media Objects] Autostart setting not available for mp4 videos (akill)
  • #0013339: [ILIAS Learning Module : Presentation] HTML export of multilingual content fails to include correct media objects (akill)
  • #0013275: [Forums] Forum feature "Notifications" disappeared (nadia)
  • #0013444: [Wiki] bug or feature? start page cannot be deleted from Wiki Navigation (akill)
  • #0013536: [_Other] Fatal Error when opening test settings (jluetzen)


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