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Discussion and support forums for ILIAS user community


Welcome to the ILIAS Support and Community Forums!
These forums are offered for discussion and questions about ILIAS, its features and how to use ILIAS in practice. Main language for communication within the ILIAS community is English. Nevertheless, you can post questions and comments in other languages as well but you reduce the number of possible responses.
The following issues should not be posted into the forums but in different locations:
Notice: Several forums for specific modules have been merged to the new forum "Using ILIAS". This forum is open for all questions around ILIAS in practice while the Administration.. forum is dedicated to all questions about installing and administrating ILIAS incl. core topics.


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All about system administration, settings, installation, setup, user interface, usability and core issues
Articles: 5471  
Latest Article: Hi Nadan, There isn't anything wrong ... from islander902, Yesterday, 14:49  
Icon Forum
Forum for discussing the ILIAS features in practice, like learning and content management, courses and groups, tests, exercices, surveys and ...
Articles: 3574  
Latest Article: Lieber René Soweit ich sehe, gibt es... from Hansjörg Lauener (lauener), Yesterday, 08:34  
Icon Forum
Regional and national user communities, jobs and more
Articles: 211  
Latest Article: Für unseren Geschäftsbereich „ILIAS-S... from breuer, 07. Sep 2016, 15:44  
Icon Forum
Discussing existing plugins and add-ons and exchanging ideas for new ones
Articles: 459  
Latest Article: Hello, we are a group of two students... from hawkeye, 26. Sep 2016, 17:11  
Icon Forum
For discussing and suggesting templates
Articles: 37  
Latest Article: Hallo zusammen, gibt es schon ein did... from Sens, 21. Jul 2016, 15:02  

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