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January 2018

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 05. Jan 2018, 11:57
A new year is upon us – and it will start particularly well for users of ILIAS: the end of January will see the release of version 5.3! This will include a much improved competence management, the new calendar, better support for mobile end-devices in the page editor, staff view and much more...

The rest of the year will also continue eventfully for the ILIAS community. From 30th January to 1st February the society will be present at the LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe, Germany - a great opportunity for all of the trade fair visitors there to learn more about ILIAS. You will be able to find us in Hall 1 at stand G13. After this we will be concentrating on the conception phase for ILIAS 5.4, for which new feature suggestions can be submitted until the end of March. The most important new features will already be discussed at the Development Conference in Halle, Germany, on 16th March. A new board will also then be elected. After many productive years, Volker Reuschenbach and Werner Willi will not be seeking re-election. We can therefore expect some personnel changes coming up.

The large, annual ILIAS Conference will take place on 6th and 7th of September, this time in Luzern, Switzerland. The conference will give everyone a first look at ILIAS 5.4 and the speakers will tell us about the different ways ILIAS is being used after having been around for almost 20 years! November 2nd is then the date of our big anniversary – we will be celebrating ILIAS's birthday!

The ILIAS open source e-learning society wishes all readers a happy new year and looks forward to continue being your e-learning solution for the coming year.

October 2017

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 20. Oct 2017, 15:41
Interest in ILIAS is growing continuously. In fact, this year, there was so much demand for tickets for the ILIAS Conference that we had to stop accepting new registrations early – all the tickets were sold out and all the rooms fully booked. It is thanks to the outstanding work of the on-site conference organisers that many of the people on the spontaneously-created waiting list could still be accommodated.

June 2017

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 28. Jun 2017, 16:14
While ILIAS has a very large userbase in Europe, it is becoming increasingly popular in many other countries all over the world. In Japan, Tamoto Shiro is both a satisfied ILIAS user and a multiplier of knowledge. As a contractor, he works with Nagaoka University of Technology as an ILIAS administrator and is also occupied with language maintenance, documentation and video creation. Shiro helps other Japanese users to learn about and use the open-source LMS. We talked to him about his experiences.

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 27. Jun 2017, 16:14
This year's ILIAS conference will take place at the University of Freiburg on 14th and 15th of September 2017. Until June 30th, discounted early bird tickets will be available. These can be booked online and will reduce the entry fee from 330 to 290 euros. ILIAS Society members will save another 50 euros! The price includes catering and participation in the evening event.

The programme covers a wide array of e-learning topics:
  • Learning Success and Skills Orientation
  • ILIAS Corporate
  • Training and Personnel Development
  • E-Learning Innovations
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Training and Personnel Development
  • Video-based Learning
  • ILIAS & Mathematics

Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 08. Jun 2017, 14:37
At the last ILIAS-DevConf, the Technical Board presented a new Strategy Paper (PDF-Download) that outlined the key points of its future work. The paper has its roots in the ILIAS-Vision that was formulated in 2015. We spoke to the Speaker for the Technical Board, Alexander Killing, about the contents of the strategy and the measures that will result from it.