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5.2.8 (stable)

Release 5.2.8 has been published on September 22, 2017
Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 4.4.x -> 5.0.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.
If you use a customized skin/style, please change the skin settings for root user and default of installation to ‘delos‘ before upgrading from a 4.x version to 5.2.x. Otherwise you may not login any more due to templates changes in former versions.
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Format: .zip
Download (github.com)
156 MB, 2017-09-22

Format: .tar.gz
Download (github.com)
146 MB, 2017-09-22

Known Issues

Learning Moduless: File List Download Broken

Unfortunately the file list download in learning modules is broken in this release. To fix this either update using git or download the following patch. It includes two files. Please make a backup of the old files before replacing them with the patch files.

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs reported in Mantis have been resolved:
* #0020731: [Login, Auth & Registration] Apache Authentication: Missing feature in 5.2.x -> LDAP data source (smeyer)
* #0020732: [Login, Auth & Registration] Apache Authentication: Missing feature in 5.2.x -> Account migration support and account creation (regardless of migration set.) (smeyer)
* #0021311: [Test & Assessment] Questionpool Import from 5.0.8 to 5.2.x fails (bheyser)
* #0021102: [Test & Assessment] the export of Questionpools fails when pictures included (bheyser)
* #0021290: [Performance issues] slow query on table style_parameter (akill)
* #0021291: [_Other] ILIAS crasht beim Anlegen eines "individuellen Stylesheets" (akill)
* #0021216: [Statistics and Learning Progress] Session: Learning Progress Status not shown to users (smeyer)
* #0020324: [Test & Assessment] Formula Questions with Units mark right answers as wrong / Formelfragen mit Einheiten markieren richtige Antworten als falsch (bheyser)
* #0021270: [Media Pools and Media Objects] Failed test: Inhaltsbaustein bearbeiten (akill)
* #0021274: [Learning Module ILIAS : Editor] Adding "Initial Extra Content" leads to Whoops (akill)
* #0020008: [Group] E-Mail Notification from Deleted Groups (smeyer)
* #0020012: [Group] Missing lang var in role templates (smeyer)
* #0019509: [Group] message after the remove of a group member is not correct (eng/ger) (smeyer)
* #0012340: [Group] didactic templates for groups do not show as option for creation (smeyer)
* #0012374: [Group] Didactic Template not shown on settings screen (smeyer)
* #0011030: [Group] Group member gallery - admins should be displayed at the beginning of the list (smeyer)
* #0021248: [Forum] Adding a reply to a thread creates an error (mjansen)
* #0021188: [ECS Interface] Sharing of groups: No join permission for ECS user role (smeyer)
* #0021147: [Login, Auth & Registration] Latest reg code commits lead to error (smeyer)
* #0008021: [Learning Module ILIAS : Editor] Data Table : no internal link [iln]-button available (akill)
* #0021201: [Media Pools and Media Objects] Mediapools brake when using Preview-URL with broken SSL-Certificate (akill)
* #0021192: [Web Access Checker] If m4a is bigger than 200KB it wont be played if WAC is on (chrome), firefox is ok) (fschmid)
* #0021160: [Test & Assessment] Fehlende Bestätigungsmeldung bei Übernahme von Fragen in einen Fragenpool (bheyser)
* #0020876: [Test & Assessment] Import of Pools with Plugin questiontypes fails (bheyser)
* #0020678: [Test & Assessment] Clicking on "Preview" for a question results in an error (bheyser)
* #0020533: [Learning Module ILIAS : Assessment Questions] Layout broken of gap question (bheyser)
* #0020756: [Web Feeds & RSS] Webfeeds stop working since 5.2 (akill)
* #0020796: [Learning Module ILIAS : Presentation] Inline object ignores width/height, but does style="width=100%" (akill)
* #0020532: [Learning Module ILIAS : Assessment Questions] Layout broken of question added to LM from pool (bheyser)
* #0020921: [Test & Assessment] Formatierungsfehler in der Präsentationsansicht bei Fragen (bheyser)
* #0020619: [Learning Module ILIAS : Editor] Setzen eines Links im Textfeld eines LM mit "iln" funktioniert nicht im Formularmodus (akill)
* #0020639: [Online Help] online-help often without scrollbar (akill)
* #0020213: [Test & Assessment] PDF-Export erzeugt grundsätzlich PDFs ohne Antworten (bheyser)
* #0020699: [Test & Assessment] Broken preview in question pool (bheyser)
* #0020370: [RBAC] Order of Roles in Courses (smeyer)
* #0021042: [Contacts] "Invite to Chat" option is available even if chat is deactivated (mjansen)
* #0020995: [Test & Assessment] Editing test questions results in a PHP fatal error (bheyser)
* #0020912: [Login, Auth & Registration] login.php no longer redirects already authenticated users to the starting page (smeyer)
* #0020992: [Learning Module SCORM 2004] \ilObjSCORM2004LearningModule::getTrackingDataAgg: "user_id" in result always NULL (ukohnle)
* #0021004: [Contacts] ilDatabaseException on Login (mjansen)
* #0020920: [ILIAS Page Editor] Fatal in Editor from question (mjansen)
* #0020917: [Test & Assessment] Error when adding page component to question in page view (test object) (bheyser)
* #0006404: [Group] Group Role Members: Sorting after column "members" doesn't work (smeyer)
* #0020878: [Course Management] Kurs lässt sich nicht vollständig kopieren (smeyer)