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3.7.5 (stable)

Very important notes for MySQL 4.1.x users:

If you update from ILIAS 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 and already used MySQL 4.1.x: Due to a problem in the UTF-8 handling some extra update steps are necessary. Please click here and follow the instructions.

If you just plan to update from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x please read our Migrating from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x instructions.
Release 3.7.5 has been released on January 18, 2007.

Release 3.7.5 is a bugfix release and does not contain major new features compared to release 3.7.0. Please read the 3.7.0 release report for information about major changes and new features.
Due to Bug #2134 there is a new option "Deactivate HTML" in the learning module editor now. This deactivates HTML rendering of content in the edit view. It has no effect on the presentation of the page.
Information about first time installation can be found here. Support for MySQL 3.23.x is not included anymore.

Important note for Updates: Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 3.6.x -> 3.7.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.

Download 3.7.5.tar.gz
(.tar.gz; 36MB; 2007-01-18)

md5: 364c486cd23d9304265ec4fcbfeb82f9

Known Issues

1. PHP 5.2.1 Patch

Due to a change in PHP release 5.2.1, the question editing in the assessment stops working. To fix this, please download the following patchfile. It contains a file class.ilCtrl.php. Please make a backup copy of the existing file classes/class.ilCtrl.php on your installation. Then move the patch file into the classes/ subdirectory.

- ilias-3.7.5.php521-patch.tar.gz - md5: b990c6cef4c8865a044b52e5793609e4
2. Assessment and Survey security patch
The following patch fixes a security issue in assessments and surveys. If a user knows the full URL to a question pool and he/she has no read access to the questionpool, he/she is able to get read access. To fix this issue, please make a backup of assessment/classes/class.ilObjTestGUI.php, assessment/classes/class.ilObjQuestionPoolGUI.php, survey/classes/class.ilObjSurveyGUI.php, survey/classes/class.ilObjSurveyQuestionPoolGUI.php, then download the following patch file assessment_survey_security_patch.zip, copy it into the ILIAS root directory and unzip the files to overwrite the existing files.

- ilias-3.7.5.assessment_survey_security_patch.zip - md5: 417d7808d03354fa79351b290fd765bd

Fixed Bugs

  • Photo Gallery: Fixed Mantis #2214 Course members gallery is displayed inconsistently (by arturogf)
  • Photo Gallery: Fixed Mantis #2065 Group members gallery display error in Apple Safari Browser (arturogf)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed Mantis bug #2239: removing the last answer from a text-cloze in a cloze questions shows up php warning (2006-12-06, Helmut Schottmüller)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed Mantis bug #2240: Error message when executing a test. The error message "sprintf(): Too few arguments in */opt/www/htdocs/ilias3/assessment/classes/class.ilTestOutputGUI.php* on line *2070*" was caused by a wrong PHP expression for the output of the remaining time in tests with a maximum processing time (2006-12-06, Helmut Schottmüller)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed a bug in the SOAP function which saves the results of Java Applet Questions. When more than one result was submitted, only the last result was saved (2006-12-06, Helmut Schottmüller)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed an issue with varying random tests. Due to an incorrect bug fix in ILIAS 3.7.3 the participants of varying random tests only get the questions of the first pass in new test passes but the scoring works on the questions which were originally calculated for the new test passes (2006-12-19, Helmut Schottmüller)
  • Glossaries: Fixed Mantis Bug #2258: Adding internal links to glossaries causes error message (Alex Killing)
  • Learning Module Editor: Fixed Bug #2241: Problems, when splitting lm page (Alex Killing)
  • General: Fixed Bug #1451: Browser detection warning (Alex Killing)
  • Personal Profile: Fixed Bug #2107: personal Photo from userid 180 shows always Photo from userid 1800 (Alex Killing)
  • Security: Fixed two security issues. (Alex Killing)
  • Learning Modules: Fixed Bug #2245: Deactivating the 1st page makes it impossible to show a learning module in the repository. (Alex Killing)
  • Personal Desktop: Fixed Bug #2281: "Active Users" not displayed on personal desktop. (Alex Killing)