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3.9.1 (stable)

Very important notes for MySQL 4.1.x users:

If you update from ILIAS 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 and already used MySQL 4.1.x: Due to a problem in the UTF-8 handling some extra update steps are necessary. Please click here and follow the instructions.

If you just plan to update from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x please read our Migrating from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x instructions.
Release 3.9.1 has been published Thursday, 27th December 2007.
Release 3.9.1 is a bugfix release and does not contain major new features compared to release 3.9.0.

Please read the 3.9.0 release report for information about major changes and new features.

Information about first time installation can be found here.

Important note for Updates: Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 3.8.x -> 3.9.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.

Download 3.9.1.tar.gz
(.tar.gz; 46MB; 2007-12-27)

md5: 1c09a6be94806ae4137a3da3b965b031

Known Issues

1. Media Pool Patch

Trying to add new media objects to media pools fails with an error message.

To fix this, please download the following patch file. It contains a file class.ilObjMediaPoolGUI.php. Please make a backup copy of the existing file Modules/MediaPool/classes/class.ilObjMediaPoolGUI.php and move the patch .php file to directory Modules/MediaPool/classes/.

- ilias.3.9.1.mediapool.patch.zip - md5sum: 71dbc2a7d7e139ba935f16f0a26ca8dc
2. PEAR Mail Patch

If using the ILIAS option "Use PEAR Mail", it is not possible to send mails to course/group participants.

To fix this, please download the following patch file. It contains a file class.ilMail.php. Please make a backup copy of the existing file Services/Mail/classes/class.ilMail.php and move the patch .php file to directory Services/Mail/classes/.

- ilias.3.9.1.pear_mail.patch.zip - md5sum: edbd121173295d95b1d875aeb255764c

Fixed Bugs

  • Services: Fixed Mantis bug #3120: Wrong sorting in test statistics. Fixed the sorting algorithm in ilTableGUI and added natural sorting for table data which is not explicitly marked as numerical data (Helmut Schottmüller, 2007-11-25)
  • SCORM 2004: Fixed Mantis bug #3113: Some SCORM 2004 modules containing hidelmsui information could not be imported (Hendrik Holtmann, 2007-12-07)
  • SCORM 2004: Import of SCORM 2004 modules failed on some systems due to error in checking for JSON module and mysql-version (Hendrik Holtmann, 2007-12-07)
  • Test & Assessment: Fixed Mantis bug #3117: Tests with random selection of questions can be exported but not imported (Helmut Schottmüller, 2007-11-25)
  • Forums: Fixed Bug #3108: Entity substituion in forums do not work. (Alex Killing)
  • General: Fixed Bug #3179: Call to undefined function apache_get_modules(). (Alex Killing)
  • News: Fixed Bug #3024: Duplicate message for file creation instead of update. (Alex Killing)
  • Bookmarks: Fixed Bug #3104: Error message in the personal bookmarks. (Alex Killing)
  • Administration: Fixed Bug #3105: User search for inactive accounts. (Alex Killing)
  • Personal Desktop: Fixed Bug #3116: Different language of category titles not reflected on personal desktop. (Alex Killing)
  • Learning Modules: Fixed Bug #3125: Media Objects missing from Export. (Alex Killing)
  • Learning Modules: Fixed Bug #3129: HTML Export internal Links not working. (Alex Killing)
  • Public Area: Fixed Bug #3139: Error in LM when changing GUI language in Public Area. (Alex Killing)
  • Glossaries: Fixed Bug #3154: IE Issue: when entering a search string, pressing enter does not work. (Alex Killing)
  • Exercises: Fixed Bug #3079: When trying to save changes in the members section of an exercise, you cannot chose to save for only one member. (Alex Killing)
  • Administration: Fixed Bug #3220: Removing glossary from trash bin results in error. (Alex Killing)
  • Exercises: Fixed Bug #3176: Error when trying to download file from user. (Alex Killing)