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3.10.6 (stable)

Release 3.10.6 has been published on 18th April 2009.

Please read the ILIAS 3.10 features report for information about major changes and new features of this version!

Information about first time installation can be found here.
ILIAS 3.10.1 does not support MySQL 4.0.x anymore. You need at least MySQL 4.1.x or higher. Minimum PHP Version is PHP 5.1.3. We also moved from PEAR::DB to the PEAR::MDB2 package with 3.10.0.

Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 3.8.x -> 3.9.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.

Notes for MySQL 4.0.x Upgraders: If you plan to upgrade from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x or higher please read our Migrating from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x instructions.

If you update from ILIAS 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 and already used MySQL 4.1.x: Due to a problem in the UTF-8 handling some extra update steps are necessary. Please click here and follow the instructions.

Format: .tar.gz

Download 3.10.6.tar.gz
50MB, 2009-04-18
md5: c353a4d664031b76270545088b0a7ba9

Format: .zip

Download 3.10.6.zip
53MB, 2009-04-18
md5: cee1a73d5d25209aeb18347a4328f265

ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Known Issues

1. Going back from list of answers deletes the results of the last question

When the list of answers is shown right before finishing a test and the participants use the back button to go back to the last question of the test, the results of the question will be deleted.

The zip file contains one file:

Please backup your current version of Modules/Test/templates/default/tpl.il_as_tst_finish_navigation.html and copy the patch file to the corresponding directory.

- tst_last_question_fix.zip - md5sum: 6af67957112d8a52b059f55b551afb0d

Please note: This patch can be applied to ALL ILIAS 3.10.x versions from 3.10.0 to 3.10.6
2. IE Page Editing Patch

When using IE you may sometimes experience strange mouse-over effects in the page editor. This also may be the fact, if you use a special kind of individualised skins.

The zip file contains one file:

Please backup your current version of Services/COPage/xsl/page.xsl and copy the patch file to the corresponding directory.

- ilias.3.10.6.pagepatch.zip - md5sum: 97a651fc512fa420181a7afc3e852ba7

Updated Languages

  • Spanish (ilias_es.lang), thanks to Jose Ramon Balsas, Universidad de Jaen
  • Estonian (ilias_et.lang), thanks to Andres Mellik, Juku Lab
  • French (ilias_fr.lang), thanks to Laurent Merle, Rectorat de Bordeaux
  • Italian (ilias_it.lang), thanks to OpenConsulting
  • Polish (ilias_pl.lang), thanks to Kamil Balicki, NDU Warsaw

Fixed Bugs

  • Wiki
    • Fixed Bug #4361: Wiki Search Enter Key IE. (Alex Killing)
  • Administration
    • Fixed Bug #4370: Pagination of "Export of user Accounts" does not work. (Alex Killing)
  • Learning Modules
    • Fixed Bug #4385: No 'Deactivate' option available for media elements on pages. (Alex Killing)
  • Assessment
    • Fixed Bug #4378: Crash when opening full screen view of an image in a question pool or in a test. (Alex Killing)
    • Fixed Bug #4322: Saving settings of a test stores not all properties correctly (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Bug #4336: Keine Umlaute nach Einfügen von Text in Freitextfragen aus Word oder Notepad ohne RichText-Editor (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Bug #4340: Duplication of Therms in Matching-Questions (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Bug #4341: Error in syncImages() of MC-Questions (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Bug #4342: Error in levenshtein-calls for unicode characters (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Bug #4363: Graphical output error of user solution in case of identical scoring (Helmut Schottmüller)
  • Repository
    • Fixed Bug #4389: Lists not in proper alphabetical order. (Alex Killing)
    • Fixed Bug #4414: "Info" button/tab of categories in public area leads back to login page. (Alex Killing)