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3.10.7 (stable)

Release 3.10.7 has been published on 22nd June 2009.

Please read the ILIAS 3.10 features report for information about major changes and new features of this version!

Information about first time installation can be found here.
ILIAS 3.10.x does not support MySQL 4.0.x anymore. You need at least MySQL 4.1.x or higher. Minimum PHP Version is PHP 5.1.3. We also moved from PEAR::DB to the PEAR::MDB2 package with 3.10.0.

Instructions for updating ILIAS can be found in section 3 of the general installation instructions. For major updates (e.g. 3.8.x -> 3.9.x) the safest proceeding is, to upgrade a copy of your productive system first and test whether everything works ok.

Notes for MySQL 4.0.x Upgraders: If you plan to upgrade from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x or higher please read our Migrating from MySQL 4.0.x to MySQL 4.1.x instructions.

If you update from ILIAS 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 and already used MySQL 4.1.x: Due to a problem in the UTF-8 handling some extra update steps are necessary. Please click here and follow the instructions.

Format: .tar.gz

Download 3.10.7.tar.gz
50MB, 2009-06-22
md5: 9142d84b60e24fa3e9a55aca669f26ba

Format: .zip

Download 3.10.7.zip
53MB, 2009-06-22
md5: d9db5fdfb7bdfbd84d9e7307ae3e71c3

ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Known Issues

1. ILIAS Core

ILIAS container objects (categories, courses, groups and folders) are copied without content.

To fix this, please download the following patch file. It contains the files class.ilContainerGUI.php and class.ilPersonalDesktopGUI.php. Please make a backup of the existing files Services/Container/classes/class.ilContainerGUI.php and Services/PersonalDesktop/classes/class.ilPersonalDesktopGUI.php and move the patch .php files into the related directories overwriting the original files.

- ilias-3.10.7.tree-patch.zip - md5sum: 07d23c231ab0089f1b7b748bd30f2676
2. Test Show Results Patch

In timed tests, the access to the test results is always visible, even if the results should be shown after finishing the test. To fix this, please download the following patch file. Please note that despite the zip file's name, this patch can be applied to ILIAS 3.10.7 as well.

The zip file contains one file:

Please backup your current version of ./Modules/Test/classes/class.ilObjTest.php and copy the patch file to the corresponding directory.

- ilias-3.10.8.test_show_results_patch_2.zip - md5sum: b098dd986acfdda18053797d53f7bcc9

Fixed Bugs

  • Wikis: Fixed Bug #4437: Rating wikis as anonymous user. (Alex)
  • Wikis: Fixed Bug #4481: Permanent Wiki Link Broken. (Alex)
  • Core: Fixed Bug #4493: Link behaviour in "Last visited menu". (Alex)
  • ILIAS Page Editor: Fixed Bug #4491: Problem with ILIAS editor in some Browsers. (Alex)
  • Test & Assessment:
    • Fixed test question move bug. Moving a test question caused the corruption of a random content page by removing the parent object of the page (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed a problem going back to the test from the list of answers. The results of the last question of the test haven been deleted in this case (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed style formatting in certificates. Due to changes in the WYSIWYG editor, some styles have been changed from HTML styles to CSS styles and have not been converted to PDF (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Mantis bug #4492: Numeric question pages cannot be left without entry (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Mantis bug #4473: Numerical question generates additional paragraphs on saving (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Mantis bug #4472
    • Fixed problem showing messages in test kiosk mode (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Multiple Choice Multiple Response question import (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed save of certificate visibility (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Added certificate visiblity to clone method (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed problems in media object handling of test questions (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed missing certificate duplication for tests (Helmut Schottmüller)
  • Survey
    • Fixed Mantis bug #4498: Test Statistcs Filter does not work? (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Added correct rowspan and colspan transformations for PDF output in Matrix Questions (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Mantis bug #4235: Export of big survey results as Excel files fails (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Added service functions to automatically fill surveys for testing purposes (Helmut Schottmüller)
    • Fixed Mantis bug #4429: Export of survey results crashes even if there are less then 255 participants