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3.4.1 (stable)

Please note that this release includes a change of the permission settings of tests and surveys. In releases before 3.4.0_beta2 it has been possible to access tests and surveys with "visible" permission only. This has been fixed in 3.4.0_beta2. Please check if your test and survey objects have set the appropriate permissions.
The release has been published at May 23, 2005.

Release 3.4.1 contains no new features. All features of the 3.4 releases are listed in the 3.4.0 release report.

The release contains the following bug fixes:
  • Fixed a problem with file download of larger files. The PHP readfile method truncates larger files on some servers and has been replaced within the ILIAS code. (Alex Killing)
  • Test&Assessment: Replaced ilErr->WARNING calls with ilErr->MESSAGE in order to prevent problems with missing reference IDs on calling the back button when a warning is displayed (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/04/28)
  • Test&Assessment: Fixed wrong permission checks in Test Evaluation. When calling the statistical evaluation, non-Administrator users had no possibility to remove users previously added for evaluation output. (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/04/28)
  • Test&Assessment: Fixed QTI export. Replaced wrong shuffle attributes with correct ones. The attributes used "yes" and "no" instead of "Yes" and "No" which is defined in the QTI DTD (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/04/30)
  • Added a fix for repository frameset mode for Test&Assessment and Survey (some back links to the repository had problems with the new frameset mode).
    Fixed target attributes in all Repository template files for hyperlinks calling the frameset mode: Added missing double quotes for XHTML compatibility.
    (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/04/30)
  • Test&Assessment: Fixed wrong underscore count in test and questionpool export filename creation. Because of a missing underscore in the qti file name it was impossible to import tests into ILIAS. (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/02)
  • Mantis #926, #927, and #933: Several issues concerning user import facility
    Usability fix: When the user import function is invoked on a category object, only local roles in the subtree starting at that category are offered for local role assignment.
    (Werner Randelshofer, Fachhochschule Zentralschweiz).
  • Fixed a bug with the new MySQL timestamp fomat in the exercise object. In the list of the delivered exercises a wrong date/time has been displayed. (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/05)
  • Fixed Mantig bug #752: Missing translation in the mail notification of the exercise object. (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/05)
  • Fixed a bug in the survey evaluation. For Nominal questions with multiple response the number of answered and skipped questions were calculated wrong for anonymized surveys due to a wrong grouping statement in an SQL query. (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/10)
  • Fixed Mantis bug #943: Create Export in Assessments question pools doesn't make anything. Due to a prior change of the export file format an unchanged regualar expression prevented the display of the export files. (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/11)
  • Fixed Mantis bug #945: Web Resource - Spelling Mistake. Changed all occurrences of "Webresource", "Web-Resource" and "Webresouce" to "Web Ressource" (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/11)
  • Fixed Manits bug #951: TIMESTAMP+0 AS TIMESTAMP14 Syntax Error. Added spaces around the plus sign to prevent problems with MySQL 3.x (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/11)
  • Fixed a bug in the delete routine for glossary objects. If a glossary was removed from system some entries in the database weren't removed correctly. (Sascha Hofmann, 2005/05/10)
  • Fixed Mantis bugs #911 and #953: On Windows Systems, Unix timestamps generated with mktime() are only allowed in the time between January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT and January 19 2038 03:14:07 GMT. For the Excel Datetime Generation the number of days since January 1 1900 is needed. So I calculated the difference between a given date and January 1 1970 and added the missing 25569 days. Unfortunately Windows shows this naughty error when I create a Unixtimestamp with the date of January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT (and only Windows). Now I've changed the date to January 2 1970 and added one more day to the difference to January 1 1900 (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/13)
  • fixed the bug where the default language setting in client.ini get lost when the basic system settings formular is saved (Sascha Hofmann, 2005/05/13)
  • fixed a bug in public section edit mode that occured when a chapter contains subchapters but no pages. (Sascha Hofmann, 2005/05/13)
  • Fixed Mantis bug #952: Problems instanciating a close question with empty gaps (Helmut Schottmüller, 2005/05/14)
  • Fixed Mantis bug #740: Wrong encoding for exported Excel files. In Assessment and Survey Evaluation there are now three offers for file export: CSV, MS Excel (PC) and Microsoft Excel (Mac). Microsoft Excel (PC) uses a MS Windows charset (Latin1) and MS Excel (Mac) uses a Macintosh charset.
    Fixed Mantis bug #961: Added check in ilUtil::fmtDateTime() to catch dates before 1970-1-1 which causes problems on windows servers. (Stefan Meyer)
    Fixed Mantis bug #960: Fixed wrong link target of button 'Course structure'.
  • Fixed Mantis bug #970: Fixed wrong link target in permissions -> Link to local roles. (Stefan Meyer)
  • Fixed Mantis Bug #281: Copying more than 10 items to the clipboard not accessible (Alex Killing)
  • Fixed Mantis Bug #974: Import new media file into a media object (Alex Killing)
  • Fixed Mantis Bug #931: Crash within System Check (Alex Killing)
  • Fixed Mantis Bug #928: Export to HTML doesn't work with code paragraph within Glossaries (Alex Killing)
  • Fixed Mantis Bug #922: Error messages on SCORM reimport (Alex Killing)
  • Fixed Mantis Bug #938: Wrong link on root node of chapter tree results in defect LM structure (Alex Killing)
  • Fixed Mantis Bug #936: Crash when editing a Digital Book (Alex Killing)
    Fixed Mantis Bug #966: Missing links in role template settings (Sascha Hofmann)
    Fixed Mantis Bug #963: Fixed security hole where non public pages were accessible via print view (Sascha Hofmann)