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Suggested for 5.4

This page was dedicated to collect all feature request for ILIAS 5.4 until feature freeze at April 30, 2018. All new feature requests have now been added to the page Suggested for 5.5.
The following features have been suggested for ILIAS 5.4 until feature freeze at April 30, 2018. All pages are tagged with metadata.
  1. »Course Availability Start« Relative Date for »Remind Users to Participate«
  2. »Last Edited« in Table of Shared Resources
  3. (anonymized) Usage Reporting of xAPI Objects in Administration
  4. 360° Video viewer
  5. Abandon Workflow Engine
  6. Accessing List of Peer Feedback in ILIAS
  7. Activity Boards
  8. Add Users to Exercise using course roles
  9. Adding Notes to Test Questions in Tests
  10. Administrate Individual Plan for Sub Trees
  11. After creation redirect to Forum Settings
  12. Alert on Temporal Intersections of Event Periods in Courses/Groups
  13. Allow removal of question after test has started
  14. Alphabetical sorting for selected items and my courses and groups
  15. Always show full name instead of login
  16. Annotating Text and File Submissions
  17. Appointment Modal - Bringing actions closer to the content
  18. Arrange and Replay Learning Resources
  19. Assessment Question Service
  20. Authentication for Backpack
  21. Auto-Remind Members about Workload
  22. Automate Item Collection
  23. Automated Feedback on Learner Activities
  24. Automatically Assign Study Program Member to Courses
  25. Background colours for Feedback
  26. Background colours for Feedback
  27. Basic ILIAS APP
  28. Beautification of Matching Question
  29. Better presentation of Suggested Resources 
  30. Big Start Button
  31. block activation by learning progress
  32. CalDav for calendar
  33. Calendar Revision II
  34. Calendar Selection - Make link target clear
  35. Calender Entry for Individual Assessment
  36. Category for Huge Amount of Data
  37. CC Filter for Search
  38. Centralized Definition of Venues
  39. Change Style of Test
  40. Check permissions when sending mails to course or group members
  41. Cleaning Up the Learning Progress Presented to Users
  42. Cleanup of Evaluation for All Users-tab
  43. Clickable Glyph for Notification Bell
  44. Combining Starting Mechanism of LTI with connection to xAPI-LRS
  45. Commenting Page Editor Elements-Level or Character-Level
  46. Comments in TOC of Learning Modules
  47. Competence Development Chart
  48. Competence levels as percentages
  49. Competence Lists
  50. Concept for Revamping the Page Editor
  51. Configurable Delimiters for MathJax-Service
  52. Configurable Events at User Registration
  53. Configure Page Editor Elements
  54. Content Quick-Filter (learning progress controlled)
  55. Content Quick-Filter (user controlled)
  56. Continuous Testing Mode Usability Improvement
  57. Copy individual assignments or assignment pool
  58. Copying Courses along with set permissions of local roles
  59. Copying of PRTS and nodes
  60. Correct Copyright Default
  61. Counter for Competence Data
  62. Courses and Groups: Configure Info-Tabs as JOIN-page and only show it to non-members
  63. Creating A New Guideline
  64. Cursor Guideline
  65. Custom Metadata Administration - Revision of Presentation Menu
  66. Custom Metadata: (Better) support for controlled vocabularies / import of subject headings authority files
  67. Custom Metadata: Array handling
  68. Custom Metadata: Grouping metadata fields (tuple)
  69. Custom Metadata: Mandatory metadata fields
  70. Custom Metadata: Smart(er) date flieds
  71. Customisable Main Menu
  72. Database: UTF8MB4 as default Character Set
  73. Default Database Template Settings for 5.4
  74. Defaults for all options
  75. Define Target Timespan for a Scheduled Cronjob
  76. Definition of DATETIME Data for the Event Period of Courses/Groups
  77. Deleting Multiple Orphaned Pages
  78. Deleting Sub-Styles
  79. Delimiter Tag for Paragraphs
  80. Design Revision Part 2
  81. digital signed certificates using QR-Codes
  82. Display Activity Streams for xAPI Collaboration Object
  83. Display Categories and Repository Pages in Usage Intensity
  84. Display Metadata in Content-Sidebar
  85. Display Multiple Questions from a Question Group on One Page
  86. Display Private Notes along with Public Comments
  87. Display Waiting List Activation Outside Courses
  88. Distinction between a notification and a reminder
  89. Drag and Drop for Moving Actions
  90. Drill Down Menu for Page Editor
  91. ECTS Grading Revision
  92. Enter multiple Group DNs in automatic Role Assignments via LDAP
  93. Equal Folder Structure in Submissions Download and Feedback Upload
  94. Essay Question in ILIAS Learning Module
  95. Evaluator Instructions for IndividualAssessment
  96. Excel: PHPSpreadsheet Library
  97. Exercise Points
  98. Export of huge amount of data categories
  99. Export PDF as viewer
  100. Export: Limit number of objects for container exports
  101. Extend Session Participants List with Member Gallery
  102. Extended Data Protection by Suppressing xAPI-Statements
  103. Extended Test and Item Statistics
  104. ExternalContent (LTI) Migration and Extension
  105. Field Type Link List for Metadata
  106. File Upload: CC Selection as Modal
  107. file watcher: get notified on changes
  108. FileServices: Centralized (File-)Storage
  109. Forum: Custom Metadata for Postings
  110. Fostering Reflection and Competence Development
  111. General Kiosk-Mode
  112. General Layout and Menu Revision
  113. Global Test Results Export
  114. Highlight Group Administrator in Member Gallery
  115. Highlight Session Administrator in Member Gallery
  116. Human friendly plugin administration
  117. Identicon Generator for Object Lead Images
  118. ILIAS can handle several help packages to support help for plugins
  119. ILIAS page editor for info page
  120. ILIAS Page Editor Revision
  121. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Content Page
  122. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Exercise
  123. Implement Kiosk-Mode for ILIAS Learning Module
  124. Implement Kiosk-Mode for SCORM Learning Module
  125. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Survey
  126. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Test
  127. Import of Subject Headings Authority Files
  128. Import option / interface for metadata
  129. Import QuestionUpdates
  130. Improve Adopt Content (for Courses and Groups)
  131. Improve Labels of Setting Group Content Item Sorting
  132. Improve Send mail to inform user about changes
  133. Improve Setting Group „Content Item Sorting
  134. Improve Setting Group „Presentation Type“ and Abandon „Grouped-by-Type View“
  135. Improve Usability of  Export of and Access to Personal Data
  136. Improve Usability of My Workspace
  137. Improved branch rules
  138. Improved Creative Commons Support
  139. Improved export of matrix question results
  140. Improved filter in test question pools
  141. Improved navigation at end of initial test in course with learning objectives
  142. Improved presentation of recommended material
  143. Improved SingleChoice Scales
  144. Improved test question sharing
  145. in-line notes and comments
  146. Individual Assessment Modularization
  147. Individual grouping for selected items and my courses and groups
  148. Integrate ILIAS-Page Editor into Personal Desktop
  149. Integration of the Event Period Dates in Notification for New Course/Group Members
  150. Interactive Video - answer specific feedback and jump marks
  151. Interactive Video - compulsory questions
  152. Interactive Video - global resume function
  153. Interactive Video - reply to comments
  154. Interactive Video - visual markers
  155. Introducing »Prompts« to the Comment-Service
  156. Introduction of Lifecycle Service
  157. Introduction of Question Groups
  158. Introduction of Service Discovery / Internal API alignment
  159. Introduction of Versioning Service
  160. Inviting Users to Join Groups
  161. Item Statistic in Pool
  162. Kitchen Sink UI for System Styles - Add Color Preview for less variables in Admin - Layout - Style: Edit - Less
  163. KS Presentation Table in SCORM Tracking Data By User
  164. KS-Entry: Filter Bar
  165. KS-Entry: Filter Items
  166. KS-Entry: Repository Picker
  167. KS-Entry: Vertical Timeline
  168. KS: Checklist
  169. KS: Disabled Icon
  170. KS: Group of Decorated Items
  171. KS: Outlined Icon
  172. KS: Presentation Table for Plugin Administration
  173. KS: Presentation Table for Survey Results
  174. KS: Presentation Table for Test Statistics
  175. KS: Presentation Table in Search
  176. KS: Shy Drop Downs
  177. KS: Standard Alert
  178. KS: Sticky Panel
  179. KS: Typography
  180. Kudos
  181. Language Update as Background Task
  182. Laundry List ILIAS 5.4
  183. Learning Sequence Object
  184. Lecturer as selection from course tutors
  185. Let Containers decide on Availability for Sub-Objects
  186. Lifecycle and Versioning Support in Test Questions
  187. Lifecycle Metadata for Test Questions
  188. Lock Content Snippets in a portfolio from a portfolio template
  189. LTI: Support for further ILIAS objects
  190. Mail Templates default selection
  191. Mail to Members for Sessions
  192. Mail-Text Templates
  193. Main Menu Item - Default Proposal V1
  194. Main Menu Item - Default Proposal V2
  195. Main Menu Item - Default Proposal V3
  196. Main Menu Item - Default Proposal V4
  197. Main Menu Item - Default Proposal V5
  198. Main Menu Items (5.4)
  199. Making Learning Objectives-Driven Course a Type of Course instead of a Setting
  200. Manage-Tab in Categories
  201. Manual Scoring for STACK Question Type
  202. Matrixes as inline textelements
  203. MC-Questions with empty solution = correct solution
  204. Member Feedback
  205. Membership Information Tab
  206. Merge info and join page
  207. Merging Selected Items and Bookmarks
  208. Metadata for Appointments
  209. Metadata interface for querying by referatories
  210. MOOC-like Look
  211. More metadata for test questions
  212. Move (sub-)settings for additional features to new subtab
  213. Multi-Select for Data Collection Filter
  214. Multilingual Input Element
  215. Multilinguality Enhancements (Overview)
  216. Multiple Actions for Ownerless Objects
  217. Multiple Sample Solution in Exercises
  218. Native HTML5 Survey Offline Player
  219. New Action Unclip from Session
  220. New default content style
  221. New Presentation of Notes and Comments
  222. New Question Type: Long Menu Question
  223. New Question-Type: Date
  224. New Question-Type: Numbers
  225. New Suggestion for Template 
  226. New task: Requests for membership
  227. No automatic log out / Users stay logged in
  228. Notes and annotations on test question page
  229. Notification about Changes in Test Questions
  230. Notification Center
  231. nur mal zeigen
  232. Object Reporting Panels
  233. ObjectSelector as field type
  234. Obligatory peer feedback file upload
  235. Only show LP data from period of activiation
  236. Option for querying other ILIAS installations / repositories / referatories
  237. Option to delete learning progress
  238. Output Formats of Submissions
  239. Overview Personal Desktop Revision
  240. Page Editor for Survery Pages
  241. Page Editor Media Editing
  242. Page Editor Page Templates
  243. Page Layout Revision (Desktop)
  244. Page Layout Revision (Mobile)
  245. Page Templates
  246. Partial feedback with answernotes
  247. Partial Sum Scores as Routing Rules in Survey
  248. PDF-Printing Page Editor Content
  249. Peer feedback as a group
  250. Performance Improvements for Lucene Search
  251. Persistent Storage of Copyright Information
  252. please delete
  253. Plugin access for GlobalCache Service
  254. Plugin Slot for Test and Item Statistics
  255. Preconditions based on test mark schema
  256. Presentation of the iCal URL
  257. Presentation Type Sessions View for Groups
  258. preview pictures in (instant) search results
  259. Print PDF before starting the test
  260. Profiles can be assigned to OrgUnits
  261. profiling of lists and matrix of competencies
  262. Progress bar
  263. Pseudonymization of statements with xAPI LRS Proxy
  264. Purge all Comments or Notes from an Object
  265. QR-Code for calendar export
  266. Question Blocks in Tests
  267. Question value depending on number of requested feedbacks
  268. Question Versioning in Test Object
  269. Questions Blocks in Random Tests
  270. Quick-SignUp-Page-Element
  271. Rearrange Calendar Selection
  272. Redirect to previous context after sending mail from Who-is-online
  273. Redo Question Rendering
  274. Reduce Functionality in »Corrections«-tab
  275. Refactoring ilTemplate
  276. Reference Fields Avoid Selection of Duplicates
  277. Registration Limits for Sessions
  278. Remove Corrections
  279. Remove Corrections tab
  280. Remove Flash and Java Question
  281. Remove horizontal  Ordering Question
  282. Remove Multiple Competence Assignements to single Question
  283. Remove resources that have been shared with me
  284. Remove Settings-Templates for Tests and Surveys
  285. Remove the import of random tests into pools
  286. Remove to option to let anonymous take tests in public area
  287. Rename User Defined Field to Custom User Data Field
  288. Replying to Comments
  289. reporting data provider
  290. Required Software ILIAS 5.4
  291. Responsive Table Filters
  292. Responsive Test
  293. Responsive User Profile
  294. Revealing question parts depending on students input
  295. Revise role template screen
  296. Revision of consulting hours in portfolio
  297. Revision of Less Variables for Typographical Elements
  298. Revision of NIC Registration
  299. Revision of Notes and Comments Service
  300. Revision of Test Question Corrections
  301. Right and Wrong Instead of Points
  302. Role-based Activation of My Workspace
  303. Role-based Activation of Personal Blogs
  304. Role-based Activation of Portfolio
  305. Rubrics
  306. Saving students answers in tests with instant feedback
  307. Scaffolded Exercise
  308. Search Option for Calendar Selection
  309. Search Portfolios used as Personal Profiles
  310. Select All on top of tables
  311. Separate box for Personal Desktop Items
  312. Session Appointment Details - Show Attend Button
  313. Sessions relative to course period
  314. Set Date-Format for Certificates
  315. Show Import User screen as modal
  316. Show initial test in course content of LOC
  317. Show Members in Superordinate Nodes
  318. Show Points from Sub Trees
  319. Show Test Pass ID on concluding remarks screen
  320. Show Version in Plugin List
  321. Simplification of the input of metadata through personal metadata profile
  322. SOAP request should get same results as Excel Export
  323. SOAP: add method to add objects to Personal Desktop
  324. SOAP: add methods to manage org units and user assignment
  325. Sort Add New Object Menu
  326. Sortable List
  327. Sortable Task List
  328. Sorting for Custom Metadata Sets
  329. Sorting in SingleChoice Questions
  330. Sorting Objects According to Period Data
  331. Sorting Roles in Permission Screen
  332. Sound notifications for On-Screen-chat
  333. Split Learning Progress Settings from Tracking Data Presentation
  334. Split Session Permissions
  335. Splitting Up Assessment into Maintainable Objects and / or Services
  336. Start SCOs/Assets without frame or iframe
  337. Stepwise feedback
  338. Storage Mechanism of Attachments in Forums
  339. Streamline Labels for creating and adding new threads, posts and answers
  340. Streamlining Checklists
  341. streamlining cloud object ui
  342. Streamlining Grading, Marking and Commenting
  343. Streamlining Message Boxes
  344. Streamlining Repository Picker
  345. Suggested Changes in Labels for 5.3 and 5.4
  346. Sumscores per Participant
  347. Support for mod security rule sets
  348. Support for showing BibSonomy/PUMA bibliographies (via REST API)
  349. Support Highscore for xAPI Game Object and xAPI learning Module Object
  350. Support Label Import
  351. Support of Byte-Range Requests
  352. Support of OrgUnits in Tests
  353. Support rating of questions in pool
  354. Support Versions for Reporting on xAPI Learning Module Object
  355. Tab Overview of integrated Objects
  356. Tagging in Categories
  357. Target Ranges for Competence Profiles
  358. Teacher Observation as a Distance Learning Scenario
  359. Teams
  360. Templates for Sub Styles
  361. Test as Independent Object
  362. Test Question Interface
  363. Test Question Pool as Independent Object
  364. Timebased Competence Chart
  365. Tooltips for Topbar Icons
  366. Translating the Online Help
  367. Tree Behavior for Categories with Huge Amounts of Data
  368. Tutorial Support for Groups
  369. UI Footer: Remove version information
  370. Unique IDs for Test Questions
  371. Updating Questions in running Random Tests
  372. Uploading Images for Presenting Objects in Lists
  373. Usability Improvement of Trash
  374. Usability Improvements of the Personal Desktop
  375. Use Presentation Table for Members in Study Programme
  376. Use Presentation Table for Participants in Individual Assessments
  377. Use Question Groups for Competence Estimations / Measurements
  378. Validated self-registration
  379. Versioning in Pool
  380. Versioning Leipzig
  381. View and Manage Materials in the same place
  382. View for My Learning Sequences
  383. WAC Support or Plugins
  384. Withdrawl of Consent  provokes deleting User Account
  385. xAPI Activity Repository Object
  386. xAPI Basic Object
  387. xAPI Collaboration Object
  388. xAPI Game Object
  389. xAPI Learning Module Object
  390. xAPI Mobile App Object
  391. xAPI simple Video Object
  392. xAPI Simulations Object
  393. xAPI: Avoid the deterioration of the achieved learning progress
  394. xAPI: Basic Learning Progress Tracker
  395. xAPI: Configurator for determining Learning Progress
  396. xAPI: Detecting Learning Progress by checking LRS
  397. xAPI: Enhanced Learning Progress Tracker
  398. xAPI: Integrated LRS
  399. xAPI: Learning Analytics with an external Learning Analytics Server
  400. xAPI: Learning Analytics with ILIAS-Integrated Tools
  401. xAPI: LRS proxy
  402. xAPI: Profile CMI-5
  403. xAPI: Profile SCORM
  404. xAPI: Statement Controller for focussed Statements
  405. xAPI: Statement Viewer with checking external LRS
  406. xAPI: Sub-profiles for various authoring systems / apps with administration extension for xAPI
  407. xAPI: Support for further LRS
  408. xAPI: Support for Personal Data Lockers
  409. xAPI: User Agreement for Data Privacy Issues

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