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Personal Profile

Each ILIAS user has got the facility to insert and publish data and contact information on oneself within a Personal Profile.
In case you registered independently at the ILIAS installation, the Profile contains the information you specified on yourself while the registration procedure.
You can decide for any of these pieces of information whether to publish them or not.
Here, you can check your personal data and settings and change them if desired.
You can perform in different pages the following actions:
Personal Information
specify information on yourself (e.g., contact data, hobbies etc.) and upload a picture of yourself (it will be displayed, e.g., in your Forum postings)
Since version 4.0, the system administrator canallow users to change their own user name.
There are two optional restrictions on the possibility of change:
  • Usernames already in use (or saved in a username history) may not be reused.
  • An interval might be set, only after which you may change your username again.
Public Profile
publish the information and/or picture for other ILIAS users (s. chapter Publish Personal Profile)
change your password (s. chap. Change password)
General Settings
make different settings concerning your personal ILIAS interface
(s. chap. Choose system settings for your personal ILIAS interface)
specify your location as a Google Map
(see chapter Have your personal location displayed as a Google map)
Mail Settings
among other issues, define where e-mails from the ILIAS-internal mail system are sent to
(see chapter Where will e-Mails be sent to?)
Chat Settings
enable notofication functionality for Chats
(incl. beeps, see chapter Choosing Chat Settings)
The last three of these pages are only available if the related functions have been released by the system administrator.


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