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SFTP upload

1 Description

In case SCORM or HTML learning modules are involved, often the file sizes exceed the maximum file upload size defined in PHP. Even if this problem can be avoided, the upload may take a very long time. Therefore, a feature was developed that allows to upload such modules via an SFTP account.
While applying a SCORM or HTML module, a module can be selected from a configurable upload directory instead of uploading it directly from a local source.

2 Status

3 Additional Information

  • If you want to know more about this feature, its implementation or funding, please contact: Norbert Bromberger (bromberger@qualitus.de)
How to use this feature:
To use this feature you need to have write access to your server's directory and be Administrator in ILIAS. At the time being (ILIAS 4.0) it is not possible to use this feature without being system administrator!
  1. Create a specific directory where you upload your SCORM package(s) by using SFTP, SCP or FTP. I recommend to make it a sub-directory of your data directory outside the webspace (for security reasons), e.g. /srv/www/ilias/data/scorm-import. Your Apache user needs to have access to this directory (similar to data).
  2. Enter ILIAS as system administrator (e.g. root) and go to "Adminstration > Learning Resources".
  3. On the tab "Edit Settings" (= entrance page) you find a form called Upload directory.
  4. Enter the path of your upload directory (see 1) and save the settings.
  5. Now, if you create a new SCORM module in the ILIAS repository, in a course or group, you do not need to select a file from your computer but you can choose an existing one from the upload directory.

4 Discussion

5 Follow-up

Last edited: 05. Oct 2011, 10:42, Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel]

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