The learning management system ILIAS is a mighty tool. In order to help you learn about and benefit from the many possibilites, we provide several tools and support channels. Please click on the desired entry to get help and support.


Our fast-track to join the International ILIAS Community!

ILIAS User Manual (German only)

German learning module based on the Online Help. Licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Online Help (German only)

Offer contextual help texts to your users on each screen in ILIAS.


Ask the ILIAS community for advice. Many questions and problems can be solved quickly with the help of other users.

Professional Support

If you need professional support, software integrations or code changes, our support partners are here to help.

Report a bug

Did you find a bug? Please help making ILIAS better by reporting it in our bug tracker Mantis (free account required).

Security Issues

The code of ILIAS is open-source and can be reviewed by any interested party. If you might have encountered a security issue, please report it in confidence to our security mailing list.


An informal place to gather, get help and exchange ideas