• ILIAS for Higher Education: ILIAS came into being and evolved at the University of Cologne in Germany. It is fair to say that flexible and modern e-learning for higher education is part of our DNA.
  • ILIAS for Businesses: Open source for business? Cost-efficient and effective. Don't waste your money on expensive experiments. Instead, profit from the opportunities that ILIAS has to offer.
  • ILIAS for Schools: Even on a small budget and without their own server, schools can use ILIAS and also share their experiences with other schools in the ILIAS Society.
  • ILIAS for Public Authorities: For many years now, ILIAS has already been successfully used for on-boarding, training and continuing education - often in cases with complex requirements. And all of this securely and conform with data-protection regulations.


Download the latest version of ILIAS and try it out on your own server!

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ILIAS is free open-source software and is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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The ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V - 'ILIAS Society' - is the home of ILIAS and the heart of the ILIAS community. Its members ensure the sustainability of ILIAS and have a say in its further development. The ILIAS Society is a non-profit organisation intent on maintaining the independence and transparency of the development of the software, so that also in the future, ILIAS will remain a modern, flexible, license-fee-free LMS for all your e-learning scenarios.

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