The requirements of universities and technical colleges are an integral part of our DNA. Since its inception in 1998 at the University of Cologne, ILIAS has been one of the most popular open-source systems at German-speaking institutes of higher education – for good reasons!

ILIAS can be used in a whole variety of different ways. Many universities, for example, use ILIAS as an institution-wide learning platform for blended learning scenarios. Online courses complement classroom-based teaching. Courses can be offered in ILIAS in which students can not only access slides and scripts, but also discussion forums, tests and study groups.

Courses are often created and the students assigned using administration and campus management systems connected to ILIAS. At the University of Cologne in Germany, for example, over 3000 ILIAS course are created each semester – automatically by the campus management of the university administration.

Many universities also like to use ILIAS to conduct online exams, such as at the University of Mainz, where tens of thousands of e-exams have already been sat. Special configuration options, such as kiosk mode or IP allocation, act as safeguards and guarantee that exams can be conducted securely and in adherence to examination guidelines.

New paths are now also being trod when it comes to apprenticeships and job training using ILIAS's integrated e-portfolio. In some courses at the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, for example, maintaining and developing a portfolio is an assessed part of the course. The huge advantage for both students and teachers is that thanks to the Portfolio, Blog and Working Space features that are an integrated part of ILIAS, the portfolio work can be carried out in the same environment that is used for learning and working together.


As an open-source system, ILIAS can be used without having to pay license fees and can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Data protection

ILIAS optimally protects your students' data and can be easily used so that it conforms to European Data Protection laws. In comparison to many cloud solutions, with ILIAS, you retain full control.


The ILIAS Society and many active and engaged users organise the Europe-wide ILIAS Community. Together we work to make ILIAS even better.


ILIAS supports modern teaching and learning scenarios such as collaborative learning and e-portfolios, open educational resources (OER) and modern techniques for working on smartphones and tablets.

Important ILIAS features for higher education

The requirements made of a learning management system vary greatly depending on the what it is being used for. With ILIAS you have a tried and trusted system, with all important features already integrated. You can, however, decide to limit or even completely deactivate the features of your choosing for specific user groups. ILIAS makes everything possible, without overwhelming you. Among our most popular features for higher education use:

Testing in ILIAS

From self tests to e-exams: profit from our powerful testing tool with which you can check on your own learning progress as well as conduct complete e-exams.

Learning communities
Organise your students into permanent or spontaneous groups. Promote interaction and team work or discussions to prepare for your classroom teaching.
Course management
One tool, many possibilities: Design flexible courses, specify set times or offer learning-objective-oriented courses. Include a whole variety of different materials, tools and tests.
Communication tools
On-screen chats, forums, blogs, who-is-online?, mail and more: Using ILIAS's built-in tools, you enable the effective communication between your students, teachers and your platform's technical administration.