New Features in ILIAS 5.4

  • Tiles View: Easily beautify your content. No more long lists of materials, no more CSS tricks required!
  • New Content Style: Used in the page editor and activated by default on category, course and group pages, as well as in ILIAS learning modules, wikis and blogs.
  • Content Page: A simple way to provide instructions or motivational messages to learners. No need to set up a learning module - simply create a content page and publish whatever your want.
  • Learning Sequence: Guide your learners through learning content in a structured way. Teachers decide in which order content is presented. The ILIAS interface gets reduced to a simplified look free of distractions. Learners never get lost, thanks to a sequence outline that is always shown to them.
  • Learning Achievements: All kinds of achievements- competences, learning progress, badges and certificates - can be accessed in a single place. What’s more, the new Learning History provides an overview of all your achievements in a personal timeline.
  • Social News Timeline in courses and groups: Post pictures and videos. All course or group members can comment on news items and post reactions(including likes and emojis). A daily mail informs users about any updates.
  • Self-Evaluation in Survey: Offer learners a questionnaire to reflect on their current status. It’s no longer required to use the 360 degrees survey for this.
  • Key Feature Tests: Especially learners and professionals from the medical field will appreciate this new test format.
  • Wiki Submissions in Exercise: Allow teams to collaborate on their submissions in a wiki. If desired, teachers can provide them with a wiki template.
  • And much more…

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