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A total of 65 new features have made it into the final release of ILIAS 7. Users of ILIAS 6 are already familiar with the new look since last year. It includes the extending "slate", which is also used more and more by the revised page editor. The various editing modes can be switched in the slate. Our layout tool – such as the column layout – can be used more quickly. Media can also now be uploaded and edited in the slate.

But the page editor brings even more improvements. For example, the editor now automatically saves your input. Unpleasant data loss due to erroneously closed browser windows or session timeouts can now be prevented.

On the technical side, ILIAS users will benefit from the new Resource Storage Service. The goal of this project was to store all user generated files in a central service in ILIAS. This allows to implement new file-related features faster. Any problems with files now only need to be fixed in one place in the system. And the service also helps to avoid security issues. The file object uses the new service starting with ILIAS 7. The other numerous modules with file usage will follow.

Especially interesting for administrators, developers and ILIAS hosting providers is the new setup, which now does without a graphical user interface - but in return can be automated with ease.

In addition to these larger projects, many smaller features and improvements have been added to the new ILIAS version:

  • For example, it is now possible to display administrative notifications at the top of the page to alert ILIAS users of maintenance work or deadlines, for example.
  • Entries in the main menu can be displayed only to holders of certain roles if desired.
  • Competency profiles can now also be created and assigned locally in courses and groups.
  • Learning resources assigned to a competence can be viewed. This makes it clearer whether the competence is actually in use.
  • Learning modules in a learning sequence can now be presented in kiosk mode. This allows learning with less distraction in ILIAS.

A complete overview of all new functions of ILIAS 7 is provided in the Feature Wiki.

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